Idea evaluation and anlysis
We have evaluated many projects throughout the years. We have the expertise to identify possiblities and difficulties that might appear in the process towards commercial production.

The picture to the right displays a product that we worked with.
Product development in test facilities.
Rivulet is working close with test facilities and universities in the region. We will develope and test the product so that it meets industry requirements and becomes competetive.

The pricture to the right shows a test plant for a starch-based product. Today the product is produced in commercial production.
Development of a pilot plant
We have developed many pilot plants throughout the years. We are working in close contact with suppliers that restores old machines to a competetive price. We are building the plants next to their facility which gives us low lead times to a competetive price.

The picture to the right shows a pilot plant which we developed for a food company and their new product.
Analysis and charting of the product flow

We can analyze and optimize the product flow for the plant. We have the ability to create avanced Excel documents. The user just adds key figures to obtain cost effective parameters.

The picture to the right shows alternative solutions to a larger companies supply chain.

Development of commerciall production

Rivulet have constructed several commercial plants throughout the years. For larger plants Rivulet is happy to be a partner to supervise the construction.

The picture to the right shows a factory that we participated in the construction of.

International and national network
Rivulet have a good contact network in Sweden and outside. We have built several facilities in Asia.

The picture to the right shows a factory that we built in Thailand.
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